editor2 text space editing bug...

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editor2 text space editing bug...

Postby TsunamiZ » 2010 Mar 25, 22:47

sample text...
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yes, but

In editor2, I want to edit that text by double clicking between "yes" and "but" to highlight the comma and the space.  Next I want to press spacebar to replace both the comma and the space to make it simply a space between the words.  But there is a bug that causes 2 spaces in between the words instead of one.  Can this be fixed?

BTW: This bug only happens when I double click to highlight.  Doesn't happen when I manually highlight by dragging with the cursor or by using shift+arrows.
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Postby Kilmatead » 2010 Mar 26, 00:45

Curious, this.  Both Office Word 07 and WordPad exhibit this same behaviour as Ed2.  MS NotePad always selects the word before the comma as well - it does not select only punctuation.  As for 3rd party editors, NotePad++ does what you would expect, properly.

Odd. :shrug:  (As this bug is shared across MS applications, it might be in the MFC itself, as exhibited in the disclaimer for the WordPad source code.)

P.S. You are aware there's an Editor2 Forum page for questions like these? :wink:
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