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   March 16, 2002   NOTICE:
these programs may stop working.

Excite is still operating a VP community and it is free.

Old VP programs my not work on Excite.

   Excite VP Current download site

This link is the download site for the Excite version of VP.

Please note that Excite is still changing things around.  
IF the links stops working, please let us know.



Virtual Places Community Servers


Server Address

About  the community

Closed 5-23-98

Server Closed
ZD Chat

Server Closed
Excite Talk

See link above

Large Community

  Tip:     On some versions of VP you can add other communities by clicking on Tools, Community server and adding the above community name and address in the community server dialog box.  

Netez does not own Virtual Places or operate any VP community.
If you have any questions regarding VP, please direct them to the community that you join. 
You can also post questions on the Netez Bulletin Boards.


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