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Virtual Places 2.1

This is the old VP version 2.1.  It's here if you want it.  However, we recommend that you use one of the he newer versions. 

Click here to get the VP version that is right for you.


We receive many inquiries about the old VP and what happened to it.  For those that are interested, below is a short story about the old VP and VP 2.1.  In addition, detailed instructions for setting up VP 2.1 are here for those that need them.  VP veterans that know how to set the community server and simply need the program may skip the instructions and click on the "Go to Download" link.  The download link is near the bottom of this page.

Download Virtual Places

The Story of VP 2.1

By Wild Sal

VP version 2.1 was made for Virtual Places Community,  In addition to the many enhancements made to VP 2.1, this clean looking browser, supports unlimited communities and it has a gesture button in the private message box. was under attack.  Hackers were out of control and nuke attacks were everywhere.  In May 1998, closed forever but VP 2.1 continues to live.  When closed, the people that knew how to set the community server simply added another community such as Excite Talk or ZDnet to the community server.  They were able to continue using Virtual Places without interruption and keep all their avatars, gestures and favorite places.

With the release of Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 some very unhappy virtual chatters found out that their VP program no longer worked.  However, the people that continued to use this version of VP had no problems.  (A new version of VP is now available that works with IE 5.0.  Click the link up top to get the right version)

Installing VP is simple.  However, VP.2.1 was programmed to go home when started. Its home was destroyed a long time ago but the program does not know it.  So it will search for its home without any luck and return a message to you saying, Virtual Places server is inaccessible.  All you have to do is give VP 2.1 a new home and let it live happily ever after.

Be sure to follow the instructions carefully and to set the community server.

Download and installation instructions

Read all the instructions or print them out before downloading.  After installing this version of VP you MUST set the community server or VP will not connect.  There are instructions on how to set the community below.

Download and save the program to your desktop.
Click on the "Go to download" link at the bottom of this page.  That will take you to a download site. When download  begins choose save this program to disk.  A "Save As" window will appear.  In the box at the top of the window, select "Desktop" to download the file to your desktop and click the "Save" button.

Double-click on the Vp2g21107 icon to install.
After you have downloaded the software, double-click on the "Vp2g21107" icon that you saved to your desktop.  This installs Virtual Places software on your hard drive and places a VP icon on your desktop.

Setting the community server.

This version of VP will work with most community servers.  In this example, we will set the community server for Excite Talk VP.  You must be connected to the internet to complete the setup and to test it.

After installation is complete, you will be asked if you want to launch Virtual Places now. Click yes.  If you accidentally clicked no, double-click on the VP icon on your desktop to start VP.  After you start VP, you will receive a message stating that Virtual places server is inaccessible.  Click OK

1.  Click on Tools the top of the VP window and click on Community Servers.   A community servers window will appear with three boxes.

2.  In the first box titled Community name type:  Excite Talk

3.  In the second box titled Community address type in lowercase: 

4.  Click Add

     Excite Talk will now appear in the third box with Virtual Places Community

5.  Click on Excite Talk in the third box to highlight it then click Set Default.

6.  Click Connect.

The program should connect to Excite VP and should do so each time you start VP.  If the next time you start VP it does not connect automatically, refer back to these instructions and be sure that you set Excite Talk as default.

The same steps can be followed to add other Virtual Places communities. 

This is the old VP version 2.1.  Use the link above to get the new version.

Go to Download

 The download is free and without any warranty expressed or implied.  By downloading this program you agree to accept it "as is" and assume any and all risks.  No support is provided for this program.  Please do not email with questions about the program.  The only information that Netez has about this program is on this page.  This version of VP is believed to be in the public domain.  Netez does not own Virtual Places or operate any VP community.  If you have any questions regarding VP, you should direct them to the community that you join.