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Most of the sites listed here are original creations by individuals and some are very creative.  If you visit the rooms with Virtual Places, you may meet the designer and be able to chat with him or her.

This directory will be updated regularly so bookmark this page and check out the sites.  Enjoy!

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VP Chat Sites

A PaintShop for Homeless Painters If you need a place to paint, you're always welcome here. Come join us and get painted or paint or just relax.
Black Jack Play a few hands against the computer.
Char's Place Meet a great lady and view some beautiful pictures.
Cheryl's Place Come dance with me along the shores
Coffee Time Chat Great coffee and good music.
Cookie's Place For those that let love walk out of their lives
Cookie Shack A relaxing place to chat and meet new friends.
The Corral A colorful view of a horse farm. 
Ellie's Hide Out A cool place to hide out with Ellie
~~~Emerald~~~ Sincere words about online friendships
Emerald's Place A little about the lady and a friendly place to chat.
Fireworks Fireworks over a City
Haunted House Yep it's haunted !!!
Horse Chat Chat with horse lovers.
Mick Wagner's Home Page Sailing into the unknown.
Night Beach Resort A romantic beach resort at night.
The Pirate See the crystal ship and read the tale of the pirate.
Romantic Fireplace Cabin with a fireplace.
Rugged Tranquility Look closely to see the old man's face on a peak.
T.alos's Tavern Mega Avs, Frames, VP Patches and Fonts. Nice place to chat with fellow VP painters.
Tribute to an Angel A brother's true feelings of admiration.
V P  Buddy Search Find VP  Buddies.  List your old and new VP name.
Zoie's Lookout Mountain retreat
Recommended VP Paint Shops
e.MS e.Paint A friendly paint shop where all painters are welcome to paint.
Doo's Paintshop A friendly shop with lots of mega av links.
Ex Nihilo Nihil Creationz A bunch of awesome freaky painters.
Sept and Friends Paint and Av Shop Great painters and a bunch of awesome prepainted avs and backgrounds.

Avatars and Gestures

e.MS Mega Avs and Stuff Mega avs and av backgrounds
T.alos's Tavern Mega Avs, Frames, VP Patches and Fonts. Nice place to chat too.
Horse Club Avatars Male & female and equestrian avatars.
Karli's Avatars & Gestures Male & female avatars and gestures.
Kissinyas Mega Avs Selection of mega avs only.
Nanc's Avatars Nice male & female avatars.
Shelion's Den of Avatars Nice AVs and Shelion will put you name on for free.


T.alos's Tavern Mega Avs, Frames, VP Patches and Fonts. Nice place to chat with fellow VP painters.
GAMES Virtual Places

Cool games you can play with VP buddies.

Virtual Places Chat The chat program you must have.



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