.#[Y0UR S1TE H4S BEEN H4CK3D!]#.

.#[N0 D4T4 W4S D4M4G3D!]#.

"The Georgian Hacking Community" (GHC) team message to "Middle East Cyber Army" (MECA) 10 Jan. 2015 attack on GE Zone. (carrefour.com.ge deface)

We know that you have some problems associated with cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed, published by HEBRO,
but for information - it does not applies to Georgia and Georgians, we don't care of your problems, solve them on your own.
We condemn terrorism and we condemn Charlie Hebro terrorist attack, no innocent must be harmed.

For your shame, "carrefour.com.ge" is a Georgian website not French & also it's not a "head website"._

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Gr33tz: eXec0d3, Crack3r, t3rr0rist, H4x0rL1F3 & 4LL GHC T34M